XeroCoat, Inc. has selected Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP to supply the precision chemical delivery systems for its turnkey anti-reflective coating systems.

In a further sign of the Air Liquide group’s commitment to the photovoltaic supply chain, the deal involves the provision of chemical delivery and related expertise.

Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, and a leading supplier of ultra-pure gases, chemicals, advanced molecules, analytical services and specialised equipment for gas and chemical delivery to the photovoltaic (PV) supply chain.

XeroCoat’s turnkey system enables low-cost manufacturing of high-performance optical coatings by glassmakers or end users in the solar industry.

Solar module and glass manufacturers can easily integrate XeroCoat’s anti-reflective coating system into their manufacturing process, therefore enabling the production of high-performance anti-reflective coating using XeroCoat's patented process.

The company’s anti-reflective coating technology increases the power output of solar systems in a cost-effective manner.

XeroCoat President and CEO Thomas Hood said, “Our partnership brings customers an innovative anti-reflective coating solution from XeroCoat that increases solar system efficiencies together with a proven worldwide supplier of chemical delivery systems.”

“XeroCoat has selected a partner that is well-established in the solar industry to make our turnkey anti-reflective coating systems even more cost-effective and easier for our customers to adopt.”

Dave LeBlanc, President of Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP, was keen to discuss the group’s ongoing involvement in the solar supply chain. He enthused, “Air Liquide Electronics is the recognised leader in supplying and distributing gases and liquids with high-performance, cost-effective delivery equipment for the solar industry.”

“The combination of XeroCoat's anti-reflective coating technology and Air Liquide Electronics’ chemical systems expertise aligns well with our growth strategy of closely aligning to our customers' needs to develop new markets with innovative applications using new technologies.”