A contract has been signed between Air Liquide Engineering & Construction and Zeeland Refinery to create a solution that enables and promotes carbon capture and liquefaction.

The solution, Cryocap FG, aims to capture more than 90% of CO2 emissions caused by hydrogen production, equating to more than 800,000 tonnes of captured CO2 per year.

Cryocap FG (Flue Gas), which is a joint venture between TotalEnergies and Lukoil, will be based at the Vlissingen refinery site in the Netherlands.

As well as capturing large amounts of carbon, the venture also ensures that the plant will have the capacity to liquefy 2,400 tonnes of CO2 per day.

About the partnership, David Maloney, Group Vice President and Chairman of Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, stated, “At Air Liquide, we are committed to making a difference through the abatement of CO2 emissions for our own production facilities and for our customers.”

“We are pleased to support the Zeeland Refinery Project with our innovative carbon capture technologies that will contribute to decarbonisation of the site.”

The technologies utilised by the Cryocap solution allow the capture and liquefaction of carbon dioxide contained in concentrated flue gases thanks to a combination of adsorption and cryogenics technologies.

As the method uses electricity instead of thermal energy, the Cryocap products can further reduce the environment footprint by running on renewable energy.

Nathalie De Muynck, General Manager of Zeeland Refinery, said, “Zeeland Refinery is proud to be one of the first movers in industry to take a major step in the field of CO2 emission reduction by applying carbon capture and storage.”

By integrating the innovative Air Liquide technology into the existing refinery scheme, Zeeland Refinery will strengthen its position in the low carbon future that lies ahead of us.”

With the Cryocap unit in Port-Jérôme, France, thriving for more than five years, there is a proven reference point for the new site to continue its success.