Air Liquide Engineering & Construction has signed a contract to supply an air separation unit (ASU) to Shandong Runyin Bio-Chemical Industry Co. Ltd (Runyin), a subsidiary of Shandong Ruixing Group, a large chemical company and one of the key high-tech players in China.

Under the terms of the contract, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction will design and build the large ASU with a production capacity of 2,950 tonnes of oxygen (O2) per day.

The ASU will be an integral part of the customers’ key research and development project for chemical production. In support of this project, Air Liquide will provide Its strong expertise and best-in-class O2 production technologies which enable maximised energy efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. The first industrial production is expected in 2020. 

Domenico D’Elia, Senior Vice-President, Sales and Technology, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, commented, “Air Liquide demonstrates the commitment to contribute to the upgrading of China industries. This success with our new customer, Shandong Runyin Bio-Chemical, reaffirms our ability to provide competitive solutions that are safe, reliable and highly efficient.