Air Liquide has reaffirmed its presence in the medical oxygen cylinder industry with the “true first-to-the market” cylinder with a digital gauge – the Intelli-Ox™.

The Intelli-Ox™ is a combination of Air Liquide’s size 5 (“E”) aluminium cylinder with a built in brass pressure regulator – coupled with the company’s patented digital gauge and an ergonomic handle. This made it, according to the company, the industry’s safest and most innovative lightweight oxygen USP delivery system.

At the time of the product’s launch, the Intelli-Ox™ evolved from traditional pressure data to ‘time remaining’ information – allowing the caregivers in the medical profession to focus on their patients.

The Intelli-Ox™ also has dual flow ports, a low contents alarm system – mitigating loss of oxygen incidents, and are ISO & Health Canada certified.

Air Liquide also launched a European version of the medical oxygen cylinder, with integration of the digital time intelligent pressure indicator, called Takeo™.