Air Liquide has opened a public hydrogen (H2) refuelling station at Hyundai Motor’s European headquarters in Offenbach, Germany, marking another significant step towards a nationwide H2 infrastructure.

The station is capable of refilling fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) to maximum capacity in only three to five minutes. It can fuel over 30 vehicles every 24 hours and produces approximately 2,200m3 of H2 per day.

The construction and ongoing maintenance of the site has been funded by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure under a €1m ($1.1m) sum.

In Germany, the Tier One player opened its first hydrogen station in 2012 in Düsseldorf. The station inaugurated in Offenbach is the second station installed by Air Liquide in the European country, with nine additional stations in the process of being built and due to be commissioned in 2017.

These installations will contribute to the nationwide network of 400 stations for passenger vehicles that the German government plans to deploy across the country by 2023, in a bid to encourage the mass production of electric cars powered by H2.

Thomas A. Schmid, CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe, signified, “The new station installed and operated by our partner Air Liquide underscores our commitment to democratising zero-emission driving with fuel cell cars, making this future technology accessible to as many people as possible.”

“We are delighted to actively further counteract emissions and are pleased to offer Air Liquide a site for the new H2 refuelling station,” Schmid added.

All areas of German transport are beginning to turn to ‘greener’ transportation solutions, with rail transport company Alstom introducing Germany’s first H2 fuel cell-powered passenger train earlier this month.

Public hydrogen station air liquide hyundai motor europe

Source: Hyundai Motor Europe