In the beginning of 2014 Air Liquide will open its new production site at Chimgrad – which was confirmed by the Communication Department of Air Liquide in Russia.

The station for receiving, storing and distributing air separation products is at the final stage of construction, stated Dmitry Kuznetsov, Strategic Projects Director at Air Liquide. According to him, the monthly production amounts to 30,000 cylinders with gaseous food and welding mixtures under the trademarks of Air Liquide Group, as well as medical gases for hospitals.

The investment in the project amounted to no less than 120 million rubles, said Kuznetsov.

Air Liquide is already operating in Tatarstan. In 2010 the French company opened their first line of the oxygen and nitrogen production plant - with a capacity of 14,500 tonnes/year - in the special economic zone Alabuga. Last year the second line became operational, which increased the production to 75,000 tonnes/year. Investments in the plant are €35m.

According to Kuznetsov, the production at Chimgrad is the product differentiation and the “further advancement along the added value chain”. In Kazan gases from Alabuga will be used in liquid cryogenic form for delivery of compressed gases in cylinders.

Air Liquide has seven sites in Russia, including Elabuga. One more production site will be opened in 2014 in Balakovo, Saratov region. It will deliver oxygen, nitrogen and argon.