Air Liquide has recently inaugurated a carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery plant, in partnership with AGL Energy, leading Australian energy supplier.

The new Air Liquide plant will capture 50,000 tonnes per year of COemitted by AGL Energy’s power plant, located in Torrens Island, Adelaide, South Australia. CO2 produced by the power generation is now captured, concentrated, purified, liquefied and then delivered by Air Liquide to its South Australian customers.

Air Liquide’s state-of-the-art CO2 recovery plant converts industrial emissions of CO2 into a food-grade gas certified for food processing and beverage carbonation. According to the most demanding food standards, this purified CO2 is used for food modified atmosphere packaging, as well as for freezing and chilling applications.

This plant also provides industrial customers with CO2 for water treatment, PH regulation, welding gases and dry ice in particular.

In 2016, gasworld Business Intelligence estimated that the Australia gases business generated revenues of around $1bn, with Air Liquide holding a market share of around 20%. Sales of CO2 in Australia account for approximately 12% of the total market value. The current total installed capacity for liquid  CO2 in Australia is approximately 2,500 tpd.

Air liquide's Australian CO2 capture plant

Air liquide’s Australian CO2 capture plant