Air Liquide has inaugurated the first clean multi-energy station dedicated to road freight transport in France and Europe, based in Fléville-devant-Nancy.

This new multi-energy station, open to the public and dedicated to road freight transport, enables the supply of vehicles with CNG, LNG, and liquid nitrogen on a single site.

Nitrogen supply is meant for trucks fitted with a cryogenic refrigerating unit for food refrigerated transport, especially in urban areas.

With this new station, Air Liquide contributes to the development of cleaner mobility; these energies offer three major benefits. As clean energies, they enable to cut both fine particles and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, specifically when CNG and LNG are issued from biomethane. They are also quiet, which is a true asset for urban and peri-urban deliveries, especially at night. Lastly, these energies are more economical, with a lower cost price per mile than diesel.

PierreEtienne Franc, Vice-President, Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies, commented, “25% of CO2 emissions arise from road transport. This multi-energy solution helps our customers to significantly cut their particle emissions. It will also allow to supply biomethane to customers willing to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in CNG and LNG.”

“With this multi-energy offer associated with the development of biomethane production, Air Liquide contributes to develop the whole clean mobility chain, from individual cars with hydrogen energy to road transport with bioCNG/LNG and nitrogen, including captive fleets.”

The station is essentially the product of a contract between Air Liquide and Transalliance, a European transport and logistics company, signed to provide clean energies to the company’s truck fleet running on LNG/CNG, and on nitrogen for refrigerated transport. These trucks are used for deliveries in urban areas on behalf of Samada, Monoprix’s logistics subsidiary.

Air Liquide designed the station, operates the infrastructure, and distributes fuels.