Air Liquide America L.P. is to double its liquid oxygen and nitrogen capacity in Alaska with a new production unit in Anchorage, scheduled to start in the second half of 2010.

Air Liquide has been the leading provider of industrial gases in the state of Alaska for 41 years and today, 75 employees serve customers in the petrochemical, refining and mining sectors.

The company ensures the production and distribution of oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene gases in the region, as well as providing various equipment and technologies.

Air Liquide also produces and distributes medical gases essential to healthcare, supplying all hospitals and many remote medical clinics in the state. The reliable production and distribution of industrial and medical gases is particularly important to Alaskans, due to the state’s geography and distribution challenges.

Michael J. Graff, a member of Air Liquide Group’s executive committee and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings Inc., said of the new unit, “This investment reflects our commitment to the growing needs of our Alaskan customers, by ensuring a reliable and efficient supply of industrial gases essential to healthcare, to the oil and gas industry and to energy infrastructure projects.”

“This decision follows several other significant investments over the past two years to increase our industrial gas capacity in Southern California, Utah, Texas and Kentucky.”

From Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay, Air Liquide provides comprehensive solutions in the Alaskan region. Its drivers cover over 700 thousand miles per year delivering gases in Alaska.

Air Liquide America L.P. is the subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. responsible for its business in Alaska and Hawaii.