The industrial gas giant, Air Liquide, is investing €5m in its electronics material centre, Taiwan, which is specifically designed to provide analytical and industrial capabilities for jumbo.

Rapid industrialisation and growth in Taiwan has led it to become one of today\\$quot;s \\$quot;˜Asian Tigers\\$quot; according to Air Liquide.

For industries where the supply of large quantities of speciality gases is required at the highest level of reliability and lowest cost, the Jumbo offer, launched on a worldwide basis in 2005 by Air Liquide, has met the customers\\$quot; expectations with ultra high purity and reliability at competitive prices.

Jumbo is Air Liquide's offer for bulk Electronics Specialty Gases (ESG). Jumbo targets highest-volume, highest-flow ESG customers such as liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) fabs and 300 mm semiconductor fabs. With key features such as multi-sourcing for supply contingency, local analysis with an Air Liquide certificate-of-analysis, redesigned bulk containers ensuring highest standards if safety and reliability, new high-capacity on-site dispense systems, and on-site services, Jumbo brings a real value to ESG.

Christopher Fontaine, vice president of electronics at Air Liquide declared: "The first successes of our new Jumbo solution are very encouraging."

Jumbo is now a worldwide success, especially in Taiwan. Jumbo first targeted high volume users of silane and nitrogen trifluoride and has enlarged its offer to include other ESGs such as ammonia and nitrous oxide.