News emerges from Japan, where Air Liquide Kogyo Gas (ALKG) has announced in recent weeks and months that it has taken over part of the sales business of Kyoritsu Shokai.

The cylinder business company within the Air Liquide Japan Group, ALKG has now taken over the sales business of high pressure gas and hard goods at Kyoritsu Shokai, based in Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture.

The transfer took place earlier this summer, on 1st August.

Under the agreement, ALKG has inherited the business relating to high pressure gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and welding equipment including welding wire and welding machines.

Air Liquide Japan is clearly keen to reinforce and expand its cylinder business nationwide, by offering its global know-how and gas usage technology.

This effort has been further supported in recent months by the formation of ALKG in March 2009.

ALKG President Masakazu Tanaka reflected, “I am very glad that we could complete a business acquisition that will help reinforce our business in Niigata. Our company, Air Liquide Kogyo gas, was established this spring with an ambition of leading in opening up the future of cylinder gas business.”

“I would like to thank Kyoritsu Shokai for their understanding and cooperation. By bringing innovation available at Air Liquide Group to Japan, we will continue our efforts which create interests all for users, dealers, and our company.”