Air Liquide Kogyo Gas and Japan Air Gases, a company of Air Liquide Japan, have jointly launched the Cylinder DE Good Cycle campaign, to promote a more efficient cycle of the cylinders delivered to customers.

Following the establishment of specialist gas business Air Liquide Kogyo Gas Ltd by Air Liquide Japan, in March last year, Air Liquide Kogyo Gas and Japan Air Gases have launched the Cylinder DE Good Cycle to improve cylinder recycle for safety, environment, and society.

Cylinders contain and carry high pressure gases, and are used by customers in a wide range of fields, from welding and cutting, to research in laboratories.

To improve the safety of cylinders that escape collection and are therefore neglected, a more desirable safety management and supply chain is now needed.

It is estimated that in Japan a few ten thousand cylinders stay unreturned for more than one year, depending on the purpose.

Air Liquide Kogyo Gas and Air Liquide Japan are working towards getting a smoother cylinder collection and reducing those cylinders unnecessarily immobilised, by raising awareness on the issue and promoting the Cylinder Rental Agreement with customers using the cylinder filled gases.

This new approach will keep the cylinders in a healthy condition, and improve safety and user friendliness.

The overall supply chain of pressurised industrial gases will also become more efficient, requiring less cylinders, and this will in turn preserve natural resources required to manufacture those cylinders. This will help users operate in accordance with High Pressure Gas Safety Laws in Japan.

Mike Tanaka, President of Air Liquide Kogyo Gas commented, “ The underlying spirit of our Cylinder DE Good Cycle includes ‘Good for Safety,’ ‘Good for the Customers,’ and ‘Good for the Local Society,’ and also fits to our company vision, ‘Challenge Air Together.’”

“In advance we would like to thank our customer, dealers and partners for joining our efforts to transform the industrial gas industry of Japan for a better future.”