Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. L.P., announces that it has received the 2004 Supplier Excellence Award from Eastman Chemical Company. This is the fourth time the company has won the award in the last five years.

Eastman’s Supplier Excellence Program award is based on a supplier’s ability to meet the highest level of reliability and quality. Recipients are selected by virtue of their outstanding contributions in working to create value for the company.

In addition to these standards, a company’s corporate image and overall stewardship is considered as well as its history of service to its other customers.

“We are extremely proud to be honoured by such a fine business partner. It is particularly rewarding as a company to be recognised for delivering substantive value as we strive to do just that for all of our customers,” said Richard Deal, vice president of Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. L.P.’s hydrogen/syngas and on-site operations.

Terry Begley, Eastman's vice president for global supply chain and quality, added: \\$quot;Eastman strives to partner with suppliers who not only meet the basic requirements but are capable and willing to go beyond these and create sustainable value.”

Air Liquide is one of more than 350 suppliers who were considered for this year’s award and is one of the few who have been recognised as maintaining this high standard of service.