Air Liquide has launched a new Skid Tank for the integrated storage and supply of air gases.

Due to the growing demand for gases for use in laser applications, cutting and arc welding, Air Liquide has launched a Skid Tank for the storage and supply of the air gases nitrogen, argon and oxygen.

This innovative system also has use in other sectors such as food, gas and research and in the development laboratory.

The tank has three important advantages. The first, being a compact tank installation which is quick and easy and requires no work. Secondly, it’s safe and easy to use because it prevents bottle handling and inventory management. And thirdly, it allows great cost savings.

Also the equipment can be adjusted exactly to customer need for gas consumption, storage capacity or operating pressure. The Tank Skid system is available for nitrogen, argon and oxygen and is compatible with other devices such as a dynamic mixer from Air Liquide to manufacture mixtures in situ.