Air Liquide is this week rolling out the French version of its H2 Station Finder app, which helps hydrogen (H2) vehicle drivers locate and navigate to the nearest fuelling station in Europe.

Back in July, the Tier One corporation first launched the app in California where there are 35 publicly available H2 stations, with more set to open to the public later this year.

Air Liquide launches H2 Station app

Accessible on iOS and Android, the application helps drivers to locate the nearest European H2 stations, check their availability and access various functionalities. For example, users of the app can find out in real time the availability of H2. It also allows them to know the amount of CO2 emissions avoided by choosing H2 as the energy source.

To date, six H2 stations are referenced in the application – four in France, one in Belgium and one in the Netherlands. Air Liquide plans to extend the scope of this application to new geographies in Europe and also in Japan.

Speaking to gasworld in an exclusive interview, Ole Hoefelmann, Air Liquide’s CEO of Advanced Technologies US, said the responses to the app had been very positive.

“There’s been a great need for a more comprehensive resource, and we are thrilled to be able to provide this for H2 drivers.”

“After launching our initial H2 station finder app back in 2016, we continued to stay in touch with our customers to figure out how we can continue to elevate their experience at the station.”

“We hosted a series of focus groups and market research on user experience at the stations, after which we were able to identify the improvements that needed to be put in place for our customers.”

“With these updates and additions now identified, we worked alongside our colleagues at Alizent and The Factory in Air Liquide to work on the design and development of the app.”

Read Ole Hoefelmann’s full interview here.

With 100 H2 stations displayed worldwide, Air Liquide is committed to accelerating interest and adoption of zero-emission driving not only in the US, but around the world.