Extending their established CALGAZ brand of calibrators, products and services for safety detection, Air Liquide America Specialty Gases launches the new CALGAZ Plus line of cylinders.

Four sizes are available: 60 liters, 116, 625 and 850 liters, but the real advantage is in containment. According to a release from Air Liquide, “The CALGAZ Plus 60 and CALGAZ Plus 116 cylinders are nearly the same size as the existing CALGAZ 34 and CALGAZ 58 cylinders, but they hold almost twice the volume. This allows for fewer cylinder changeovers for auto-calibration stations and reduces the cost of instrument calibration.” 

“CALGAZ Plus returnable cylinders are another example of the commitment CALGAZ employees make every day to deliver innovative calibration gas products and services of the highest-quality to our customers – safely and efficiently,” comments Jim English, Vice President of Air Liquide’s CALGAZ division.