VYGON SA France and Air Liquide - S.O.A.L of Lebanon have organised a sponsored programme of the Regional Anaesthesia Workshop, Nerve Blocks, in connection with the Lebanese Anaesthesiology Conference.

The conference took place in Beirut from 27th-28th June 2009 and the workshop will now follow for those anaesthesiologists who had participated in the event.

S.O.A.L. is a subsidiary of Air Liquide Group, present in Lebanon since 1928 and created in 1961 in association between Air Liquide & two major Lebanese families, Salem & Sehnaoui.

Air Liquide - S.O.A.L. produces and distributes industrial & medical gases and gas mixtures in Lebanon, as well as distributing rare gases imported from Air Liquide group subsidiaries.

The newly announced programme is a CME (Continuous Medical Education) for the Anaesthesiologists, who participated in the conference, in the area of ultrasound guided nerve stimulations for the anaesthesia.

Dr. Philippe Macaire, an eminent French Anaesthesiologist in the field of regional anaesthesia-nerve stimulations with many years of experience in Europe and Middle East, was the Chairman of the Workshop and he has given extensive training for the ultrasound guided nerve stimulations, by using the VYGON products.

VYGON SA France manufactures the Nerve Stimulator (Plexygon) and the accessories used in anaesthesia. The main attraction of the regional anaesthesia-Nerve Stimulation is to do the anaesthesia for all the orthopedic surgeries, which gives least complications post-operatively.

Plexus Blocks, Single and Continuous with the support of the ultrasound is the current trend in the field of anaesthesia as it is a much safer procedure when compared to all other methods of anaesthesia.