Air Liquide advanced Technologies will provide an LNG reliquefaction unit, the Turbo-Brayton (TBF-350), to Shell - which will be installed on a specialised LNG bunker vessel.

The Turbo-Brayton package is scheduled for delivery and installation on the vessel in 2016. The bunker vessel will be based at the port of Rotterdam and will supply LNG-fueled vessels operating in the ECA (Emission Control Areas) zones in northwest Europe.

LNG-fueled vessels operating in this zone are currently in demand – due to the emission restrictions that result in tradition fuels, like diesel, being outlawed in the area the ECA covers.

The Turbo-Brayton reliquefies LNG on board to manage BOG (Boil-Off Gas) and also return vapour during bunkering operations. Because it keeps the tanks at low pressure, this solution can be used to fill any type of tank (membrane or type C).

For this project, the TBF-350 equipment will reliquefy up to half a tonne of LNG an hour.

The Turbo-Brayton is a breakthrough solution that is very low maintenance (five year intervals), extremely compact (single skid), and can be very rapidly integrated. A complete range of Turbo-Brayton reliquefiers is available for LNG BOG management.

This product line is adapted to all LNG vessel types; bunker vessels, LNG carriers, and any LNG fueled vessels - for new building or retrofit.