Air Liquide Italy has introduced 8,000 new cylinders and seen demand for oxygen in Italian hospitals increase by up to six times amid the coronavirus crisis.

The company’s business unit dedicated to hospitals, Air Liquide Sanità Service, has within a month increased liquid oxygen installations serving hospitals to 47, including upgrading existing plants and new installations.

Air Liquide has also created and extended the pipes for the distribution of medical gases to serve about 2,000 new hospital beds.

The installation of the piping system for the distribution of medical gases in the new intensive care unit of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and the oxygen supply system of the Campo da Bergamo hospital are just some the company’s recent projects.

Air Liquide said it does not foresee difficulties in production and supplies in the future should demand grow further thanks to its fully mobilised teams and the fact that its oxygen is produced and supplied from nine large ASUs.


Source: Air Liquide Italy

Air Liquide has also introduced 8,000 new cylinders to the circuit to cope with the increase in demand.

Cylinders are used in hospitals, for ambulances and also at patients’ homes. VitalAire and Medicasa, the companies of the Air Liquide Group specialising in home healthcare, are putting in place all the necessary efforts to respond to these requests.

Since the beginning of the crisis, approximately 800 coronavirus patients with stable clinical situation, discharged from hospital facilities or in the early stages of the disease, have been treated at home.

Cyrille Ferrachat, General Manager of VitalAire and Medicasa Italy, said, “Our specialised staff are dealing with this emergency with extreme professionalism and commitment, having immediately given their willingness to act on the front line by assisting Covid-19 patients at home and playing a very important role in alleviating the pressure on hospital structures.”

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Source: Air Liquide Italy

“The support provided by our healthcare professionals, who provide home care with great dedication, is also crucial for fragile patients who often find themselves alone at the moment in the face of the disease and the quarantine that they are now required to respect.”

Brice Fontana, General Manager of Air Liquide Healthcare Service, said, “Faced with the international outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Air Liquide’s priority remains the health and safety of its employees and patients.”

“Having anticipated increased use of oxygen, our teams have consequently increased production, cylinder deliveries, liquid oxygen installations, as well as piping systems where necessary.”

“We will continue to monitor the situation carefully as it evolves and adapt the measures accordingly. Air Liquide teams are fully united and mobilized to deal with this emergency.”