Air Liquide has opened a new hydrogen station inside a resort complex facility, ‘Laguna Ten Bosch’ in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture.

The Gamagori Hydrogen Station is the first Air Liquide station to be deployed in the frame of the Japan Hydrogen Mobility (JHyM) national consortium. The facility also marks the first ever hydrogen station opened within a resort.

The station will contribute to meet increasing demand for hydrogen powered vehicles in the Higashi-Mikawa region and raise awareness on hydrogen as a key solution for the energy transition.

‘Laguna Ten Bosch’ is an integrated resort facility overlooking Mikawa Bay, with over 2.9m visitors per year, it is one of the largest resort facilities in the Aichi Prefecture and the largest in the Higashi-Mikawa region.

Gamagori Hydrogen Station has been installed with a packaged system that combines a compressor and hydrogen storage, based on Air Liquide’s standards. 

The station is the third deployed by Air Liquide in Aichi prefecture, following two stations already in operation at Nagoya Atsuta and Toyota Interchange Hydrogen Stations.

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