Air Liquide is the technological partner of the 11th Challenge Bibendum. At this year’s event, Air Liquide has set-up the hydrogen station that will fuel 30 hydrogen-powered vehicles that are set to participate in the Challenge.

Based on patented Air Liquide technologies, this hydrogen filling station will enable vehicles to fuel-up in less than five minutes, for a driving range that can reach up to 500 kilometers for some vehicles.

The Challenge Bibendum, which will be held in Berlin, from May 18 to May 22, 2011 is organized by Michelin and gathers over four days, five thousand representatives from business and industry, the scientific community, international and national institutions and NGOs to explore the challenges and solutions for sustainable road mobility. This international event, which brings together around 300 vehicles, is an opportunity to showcase innovation in trucks, buses, cars, clean urban vehicles and, in particular, vehicles powered by hydrogen.

Also during the event, Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide, will participate in the “Leaders Forum” on May 20, bringing together politicians and economic representatives around the three themes of the Challenge: “clean, safe & connected”.

Air Liquide’s station is a high-tech hydrogen filling station that will fuel vehicles for the purpose of carrying-out various tests and assessments from the Tempelhof test centre, near Berlin, Germany. This participation in the challenge offers the fuel cell vehicles equipped with the latest technologies a chance to demonstrate their performance on the road under real driving conditions.