Air Liquide Electronics U.S. has been presented with the Texas Instruments 2006 Supplier Excellence Award in recognition of Air Liquide Electronics' bulk gas operations services to the company over the past calendar year.

Air Liquide Electronics U.S. president Rich Jahr accepted the award, presented by Texas Instruments (TI) executives Kevin Ritchie, Shaunna Black and Rob Simpson, at an April 17 ceremony held at Air Liquide's bulk gas plant on TI's Dallas campus.

Addressing Air Liquide and Texas Instruments employees present at the event, Jahr said, $quot;We have been a proud supplier of Texas Instruments for more than 40 years. To be recognized for our continued advancements and innovations in the products, services and expertise that we provide to a remarkable company like TI is a tremendous honour and pleasure.$quot;

Air Liquide has been a supplier to TI since the 1960s and, today, Air Liquide Electronics provides the company with a wide array of value-driven services and expertise, including industrial and specialty gases and Total Gas and Chemical Management (TGCM) as well as state-of-the-industry laboratory and analytical services. The success of Air Liquide Electronics' relationship with TI has been a cornerstone for developing highly beneficial working partnerships with semiconductor customers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

In recognition of Air Liquide Electronics' contribution to TI's business, Senior Vice President Kevin Ritchie commented, $quot;TI depends on the innovation and expertise of our suppliers to help us achieve and maintain high levels of technology and productivity. We have come to rely on Air Liquide to deliver valuable products and management services, and we appreciate their outstanding support and efforts.$quot; TI Vice President Rob Simpson added, $quot;When we work with Air Liquide, we know we'll get quality performance, competitive pricing and a partner that is mutually interested in our success.$quot;

TI's Supplier Excellence Awards were established in 1984 and are presented annually to suppliers who exemplify the highest level of excellence and emphasize continuous improvement efforts to set higher goals and achieve greater customer results. It is TI's highest honor for its suppliers.

Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP is the Dallas, Texas based subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. responsible for serving the semiconductor industry in the U.S. It serves the semiconductor industry in the U.S. by providing ultra pure gases, liquids and advanced molecules used in the fabrication of silicon chips, as well as providing specialized equipment and related gas and chemical management services.