Air Liquide has received three nitrogen contracts with world leading mining companies for AMSA series floxal units.

AMSA Floxal units provide an effective mobile inerting system that reduces the localized concentration of oxygen. This prevents gas explosions in underground mines.

The first 55 tonnes per day mobile AMSA nitrogen unit went to Anglo Coal's Dartbrook mine 300km north of Sydney, Australia. This was the first of its kind and size to be used for proactive inerting in coal mines around the world. A second unit was commissioned in October at the Austar mine 200km north of Sydney, Australia and the third unit will be delivered to Xstrata coal's Oaky Creek mine in Queensland, Australia next April.

Jean-Pierre Duprieu, member of Air Liquide's executive committee, said: $quot;Mining has been identified as a growth market in Australia and these important successes in this sector with this unique solution illustrate the groups capacity to grow into new markets and territories.$quot;