Air Liquide announce the successful implementation of a new patented storage solution based on modified atmospheres, for Siemens at it largest mobile phone plant at Kamp-Lintfort, near Duisburg.

Specialists at Air Liquide have developed and patented the ALIX SMD-DRY system, which has been adopted by Siemens. Semi-conductor producers have stringent requirements to prevent oxidation during the whole manufacturing process, but moisture sensitive components should also be protected during their storage phase.

The contract signed with Siemens also includes the supply of an ASU to produce a controlled nitrogen-based atmosphere, nine storage cabinets, integrated piping of this installation and staff training.

Optimal storage conditions can be maintained with this system, as the relative humidity rate is reduced significantly throughout the day. This is constant even with the cabinet door being opened numerous times for handling purposes.

The process is cheaper and easier to use then the thermal process or dry packs. The on-site nitrogen production is automatically fed through to the storage cabinets with adequate gas supplies.

Commenting on the contract, Markus Sieverding, CEO or Air Liquide Germany said, “ We are very pleased to help leading companies like Siemens to constantly raise the quality and competitiveness of their products by offering them innovative solutions based on our proximity and know-how.”