Air Liquide has opted to further expand its services in South Africa, with the news that it has acquired the B&S Medical Gas System company, a South African leader in medical gases pipelines, designs and installations.

The joint company will operate under the name Air Liquide Hospital Installations and Services, trading as B&S Medical Gas System and will be headquartered alongside Air Liquide Healthcare in Alrode.

The resulting product portfolio will include design and installation of pipeline networks, supply of medical air compressors and vacuum plants, quality audit at hospitals, regulation compliance gap analysis, small backup emergency mobile units and future maintenance of installations.

“Keeping momentum after the doubling of our medical gas sales to hospitals over the past year, Air Liquide has decided to further support our new customer base by enlarging our offer and providing new high quality solutions for medical piping installations,” said Alain Larousse, CEO Air Liquide (Pty).

“We are happy to announce that we have officially acquired and intend to develop B&S Medical Gas System, identified as the highest quality supplier in this market today, to accelerate the start of this new service. Our combination unites two market leaders, Air Liquide Healthcare Business Line, worldwide champion of medical gases and equipment supply and pioneer in therapeutic gases development, with B&S Medical System, quality South African leader in medical gases pipelines design and installations at hospitals and laboratories.”

“Together,” Larousse adds, “we are uniquely positioned as a world-class Medical Solutions Provider to supply our customers with the most comprehensive set of solutions and services which are fully compliant with South African and International Standards.”

Although Air Liquide and B&S have separate histories, they have always shared a common objective: to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Air Liquide serves more than 6000 hospitals in more than 75 countries across the globe.

“The depth of our resources and the extent of our reach are now stronger than ever,” Larousse adds.

“I’d also like to add that entrenched entrepreneurial spirit, with quick response times and world class installations, which made B&S successful, will not change.”

Bill Stoddart, B&S Medical Gas System Managing Director, echoed Air Liquide’s sentiments and said, “We were one of the first companies, if not the first, to adopt the new SANS codes, even before it became official in January 2010. We have over 25 years of experience in medical pipeline installations. We look forward to continuing our world-class service and expertise, by working together with our new colleagues to convince and service the whole customer base of Air Liquide Healthcare (Pty) Ltd.”