Air Liquide has today (14th Jan) been recognised for its climate change and water management efforts by CSP, a non-profit organisation that evaluates companies on environmental action.

The industrial gas giant was awarded an “A-” rating in both of the above categories, as it looks to continue implementing actions and policies throughout the company which are aligned with its sustainability objectives.

In March last year (2021), Air Liquide said it hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and, as a first step in achieving the goal, the company hopes to reduce its absolute carbon emissions by approximately 2025.

To decarbonise its assets, Air Liquide said it leverage on capturing CO2, accelerating low-carbon hydrogen production through electrolysis or by using renewable feedstock such as biomethane.

Air Liquide will also deploy a broad range of low-carbon solutions for its clients to help them decrease their CO2 footprint. Such move includes low-carbon gases offering, accompanying customers in industrial process transformation, offering carbon capture expertise, and an asset takeover strategy with an objective to decarbonise them.

These various objectives are targets are now fully embedded within Air Liquide, with the company making various commitments when it comes to clean energies such as hydrogen and biomethane, on top of work with carbon capture technologies.

Now, CDP’s rating has reaffirmed Air Liquide’s strong commitment, with its “leadership level” showcasing some of the most ambitious sustainability objectives in the sector. 

Fabienne Lecorvaisier, Executive Vice-President, in charge of Sustainable Development, Public and International Affairs as well as the supervision of the Social Programs and the General Secretariat at Air Liquide, said, “Air Liquide is proud to be recognised among the companies leading the way in the fight against climate change by a worldwide reference such as the CDP.”

“Our approach to contribute to the emergence of a sustainable society is global. Air Liquide has developed a wide array of innovative solutions that can contribute to reducing its own environmental footprint but also that of its clients and of society at large.”