In the fourth quarter of 2006, revenues of Gas and Services were €2,440m, an increase of 5.2 percent versus the fourth quarter 2005 on a comparable basis. Growth continued in industrial customers, electronics and healthcare although weaker in large industries.

Commenting on these figures, Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide, said: $quot;2006 was another year of solid growth for Air Liquide, very well balanced across all our activities and geographies. Our revenues in Asia were very strong with a continuing recovery in Japan, where we will strengthen our positions in 2007 by taking full ownership of Japan Air Gases. Growth was also sustained in the Americas, and increased progressively during the year in Europe. Our activities in hydrogen, homecare and new contract signatures in China, in particular, contributed to this dynamism.$quot;

Revenues for the fourth quarter 2006 were €1,350m, an increase of 5.3 percent. Growth is within the annual trends for industrial customers, healthcare and electronics but was more modest for large industries.

Revenues for the full year were €5,171m, an increase of 5.6 percent, with strong progress in all activities.

Revenues for the Americas were €616m, an increase of 1.2 percent in comparison to a strong fourth quarter in 2005.

Revenues for the full year came in at €2,568m, a rise of 4.8 percent driven mainly by industrial customers.

Revenues for Asia-Pacific were at €432m, a rise of 11.3 percent. All geographies and all activities contributed to this excellent performance.

Revenues for the full year of €1,715m increased by 9.1 percent, and have accelerated when compared to 2005. This improved performance was due to a strong presence in the developed economies such as Japan, which is growing at a rate 6.7 percent

Africa and the Middle East
Africa and the Middle East continued to record double digit growth in the fourth quarter and the full year, led by good levels of activity by industrial customers in South Africa and by the strong progress in large industries, notably in Egypt and Oman.