Air Liquide informs its shareholders about the deadline of 31 December 2005 to register shares in order to benefit from the fiscal year 2007 loyalty bonus.

As indicated in the company’s by-laws, available upon request and internet site shares registered for at least two years, and which remain registered until the date of the payment of the dividend, will entitle their owners to collect a dividend per share increased by ten per cent, provided that the dividend is at least equal to that of the preceding year.

Also, in the event that the management board, with the approval of the shareholders’ meeting, and after the approval of the supervisory board, decides to increase the capital by incorporating reserves, profits or premiums, these shares entitle their owners to an allocation of bonus shares increased by ten per cent.

To register shares, shareholders need to instruct appropriate custodian, have shares registered through its local French sub-custodian, or transfer the custody of shares to Air Liquide (direct registration).

Pursuant to law, the number of shares eligible for these increases shall not, for any given shareholder, exceed 0.5 per cent of the company’s share capital.

For more information please contact the Air Liquide’s shareholder services department. Toll free number: 0800 166179(France only). From other countries: + 33 1 57 05 02 26, Fax: + 33 1 40 62 54 65.