Air Liquide has announced the renewal and expansion of its agreements with its Portuguese partners based in Estarreja, 50 km south of Porto. All three industrial partners will also invest a total of 230 million euros to expand their operations in the region.

Air Liquide has undertaken to deliver around 4,000 Nm3/hour of carbon monoxide and 15,000 Nm3/hour of hydrogen from a new unit dedicated to serving Dow's MDI and CUF's aniline production needs respectively.

Joäo de Mello, President of CUF Portugal said in a statement, $quot;This agreement is a win for companies that have successfully worked together over a period of years and contributes to the growth of the industry. It is why the CUF Group welcomes the signing of this agreement with Air Liquide and Dow $quot;

Air Liquide seem equally happy with the result, Klaus Schmieder, Senior executive Vice-President of the Air Liquide Group, commented on the background to this latest announcement, $quot;These successes in Portugal illustrate our teams' ability to build long-term relationships based on proximity with our customers and our capacity to provide technological solutions. These new investments are further proof of the Group's commitment to pursue its growth strategy in this dynamic business sector in Europe$quot;.