Yokogawa Electric Corporation has been selected by Air Liquide Engineering as a strategic preferred system supplier of process control systems for their air separation units and syngas (HYCO) systems.

Yokogawa products and services covered by this new agreement include the CENTUM CS3000 integrated production control system, the ProSafe-RS safety system, software solutions, and system integration engineering and maintenance services.

A trusted partner
\\$quot;We have become a trusted partner of Air Liquide over the past seven years by demonstrating our global capabilities and the strength of our service support organization. We have helped build and improve a dedicated business model that significantly reduces their total cost of ownership (TCO) and meets their ever more diversified needs, making them more competitive. This successful partnership was undoubtedly a factor in our selection\\$quot;, said Teruyoshi Minaki, Director, Executive Vice President of Yokogawa's International Business Headquarters.

\\$quot;We chose Yokogawa again as our strategic preferred control system supplier through an intensive year-long technical and commercial evaluation process. We have been fully satisfied with the quality of their products, cutting-edge technologies, integrated system solutions, smooth project execution and outstanding global service support. We intend to build a stronger business partnership than ever before with Yokogawa globally based on this newly signed agreement\\$quot;, said Leonardo Caroli, Procurement Vice-President, Air Liquide Engineering.

Working to become leader
Yokogawa is pleased to have been selected by Air Liquide, and regards this agreement as being key to maintaining its leading position in the gas and the chemical market. The agreement helps pave the way for Yokogawa to become No.1 in the global industrial automation market by 2010.

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