Air Liquide Deutschland GmbH has signed a 15 year contract with DREWAG (Dresdan energy company) and AMD for a trigeneration plant producing electricity, heat and cooling.

The Energy Supply Center has been designed to meet the very high quality energy requirements of the US-American semiconductor manufacturer AMD for its Fab 36, one the most innovative production units of 300 mm wafers worldwide. This center is a trigeneration plant producing electricity, heat and cooling simultaneously. In its first phase, it includes six gas engines with a performance of 3.9 Megawatt each, producing electricity (11 MW), heat (29 MW) and cooling (20 MW).

Pierre Dufour, Executive Vice-President of Air Liquide gave the following comment : \\$quot;We are very pleased to pursue and extend our partnership with AMD and DREWAG in this new energy centre using our cutting edge technologies. This centre will produce the electricity, heat and cooling equivalent to the needs of a 150 000 inhabitants town in a very efficient way.\\$quot;

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