Air Liquide Italy has strengthened its partnership with Russia’s second largest oil producer Lukoil recently signing a 10-year agreement.

The contract is a renewal for the supply of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen to the IGCC plant and the Lukoil-owned refinery at the Priolo Gargallo production centre.

The oxygen and nitrogen produced by Air Liquide’s air separation plants in the Syracuse petrochemical complex will be supplied to the Lukoil IGCC plant for a total production capacity of approximately 3,900 tonnes per day (tpd).

In Italy, Air Liquide has nine air separation units (ASUs) and a network of underground pipes that extends for more than 600km, to supply oxygen to the main indusrial areas of Northern Italy, in addition to the two petrochemical poles in Sicily and Sardinia.

The ISAB NORD plant in Lukoil will instead be supplied by the steam methane reformer (SMR) by Air Liquide, for a total capacity of 20,000 Nm3 of hydrogen per hour.

Francesco Agostino, General Manager of Air Liquide Italy, said, “We are extremely proud of the signing of this contract, which confirms the relationship of trust established over more than 20 years of partnership between the two companies and the will to continue working together and be present side by side in the territory.”

“This agreement demonstrates the importance of our supplies, which play a strategic role for the customer’s production processes and are able to guarantee high standards of reliability and flexibility with the aim of responding to their needs in the best possible way.”

Un momento della firma del contratto tra Air Liquide e Lukoil

Source: Air Liquide Italy