In the first quarter of 2020, Air Liquide has signed 11 new agreements with its large industrial merchant customers.

The French industrial gas giant said these on-site agreements are for the supply of nitrogen, oxygen or hydrogen for a minimum of 10 years.

On-site gas production units are installed, operated and maintained directly at customer sites and provide local and reliable supply.

Air Liquide said on-site supply solutions reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions by eliminating most of the energy consumed to liquefy and transport industrial gas.

These last five years, the number of new long-term contracts related to Air Liquide On-Site installations has steadily increased.

Recent growth has been particularly driven by China and the US, through Air Liquide’s US-based subsidiary Airgas.

In the first quarter of 2020, the 40th on-site contract in the US since the acquisition of Airgas in 2016 was signed.

Matthieu Giard, Vice-President and Executive Committee Member of Air Liquide Group, supervising the Industrial Merchant business activity said, “The number of on-site installations has been increasingly growing driven by the competitiveness and environmental benefits they offer.”

“After a record year of new long-term contracts in 2019, the continued success in this quarter illustrates the recognition by our customers of our technological expertise in this area.”

“On-site contracts contribute to the stability of the Industrial Merchant sales over the long-term.”

“Providing local and reliable supply to our customers, on-site installations also contribute to a lower carbon footprint, in line with our Climate Objectives.”