Air Liquide has signed several multi-year contracts for the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with some actors in the chemical industry in France and Italy.

The Tier One company supplies liquid nitrogen (N2) to feed its customers’ VOCs, accompanying them in their efforts to preserve air quality.

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Source: Air Liquide

Within the chemical industry, VOCs, which include a multitude of substances (solvents and hydrocarbons), are used in various industrial processes as solvents, degreasers and detergents.

Companies, in compliance with environmental regulations, can use different VOC treatment methods, including cryogenic condensation.

This process, which uses liquid N2, consists in the condensation of VOCs from the gaseous to the liquid state through the lowering of temperature. This technique achieves a recovery rate of 99%. The recovered VOCs can be reused by companies in their production processes.

In France, Air Liquide has signed a multi-year contract with the company Dow in the north of the country, which deals with the production of ion-exchange resins and adsorbents mainly used in water treatment, in the production of pharmaceuticals, in energy, in bioprocesses, in the chemical composition.

Air Liquide has also signed a contract with Norchim, producer of active ingredients used by pharmaceutical companies, for the supply of liquid nitrogen for its VOC treatment units.

In Italy, Air Liquide has signed a contract with Donau Carbon Technologies, a company specialising in the design, production and installation of VOC treatment units with adsorption on activated carbon. Air Liquide supplies the liquid N2 used in the new generation VOC recovery unit, with a high compactness, installed by Donau Carbon on one of its customers’ plastic film production line.

Nicolas Poirot, Vice-President of Air Liquide South West Europe, said, “We are proud to support these companies in the chemical industry in their environmental challenges.”

“These contracts demonstrate our ability to provide innovative solutions that meet the challenges of society. They also demonstrate the added value and competitiveness of our solutions and illustrate Air Liquide’s ambition to help create a more sustainable world.”