Air Liquide Italia Produzione has successfully completed the construction of an underground pipeline in Italy.

The Air Liquide Group company, specialising in the production and distribution of technical gas to large industrial customers, has started supplying the Ori Martin steelworks in Brescia with the gases essential to its activities.

The new section of tubing made by Air Liquide allows the supply of gaseous oxygen (O2) to the company Ori Martin, an important steel mill dedicated to the production of special steels for the various applications in the automotive sector.

Developed entirely on the territory of the Municipality of Brescia, the new underground piping extends for about 5km and has enabled the connection of the steelworks to the existing Air Liquide O2 system (Ospitaletto-Brescia section). Air Liquide has a network of underground pipes that extends for about 650km to serve the main industrial basins in Sicily, Sardinia and Northern Italy.

Compared to the supply of liquid gas through road tankers, the steelworks supply via underground pipeline has considerable benefits in terms of safety, road conditions and environmental impact, thanks to the elimination of around 1,250 articulated lorries per year, with an estimated saving in terms of CO2 emissions of 270 tonnes per year, of nitrogen oxides of 2100kg/year and of 160kg of particulate per year.

The project also saw the use, for a total length of about 3km on the 5 total, of the particular TOC technique - Horizontal Directional Drilling - which allowed to limit the impact on the territory reducing to a minimum the shipbuilding areas.

With a view to paying attention to the territory, Air Liquide has also implemented some forestry restoration work along the river Mella and extraordinary maintenance of wooded areas on Mount Maddalena, supporting a total investment of about €160,000.

“We are extremely satisfied with the activity carried out for the construction of the underground piping dedicated to the Ori Martin customer, and are proud of the benefits that this supply guarantees in terms of safety, efficiency, reliability and, obviously, of the environmental impact,” stated Roberto Valzasina, Commercial Director of the Large Industries Business Line of Air Liquide in Italy.

“The commitment to minimise the inconvenience for the local population during construction and the realisation of a project of forest restoration in green areas of the municipal area show the great attention that Air Liquide addresses to the environment and to the local population in the areas where it is present with its activities. ”

Andrea Agnelli, Managing Director of Ori Martin, emphasised, “At Air Liquide we found a technological partner that was able to fully accommodate all our needs, bringing the O2 pipeline to a close. With this plant, Ori Martin adds another card to its constant and a firm commitment to improve internal and external safety and to reduce environmental impact, lowering the number of vehicles entering and leaving the plant.”

Air Liquide in Italy

Present in Italy since 1909, Air Liquide now has about 1600 employees and serves over 100,000 customers and patients throughout the country. Its products and services are intended for the steel, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries in the main industrial areas of the country, in addition to industrial customers ranging from the craftsman to the large company for their production processes (metals, glass, agri-food, laboratories …) and the Healthcare sector.