Air Liquide reinforces its partnership with US based STMicroelectronics to cope with the growing semiconductor market.

For those high-tech industries where the supply of large quantities of specialty gases is required at the highest level of reliability and lowest cost, the Jumbo offer launched on a worldwide basis last year by Air Liquide has met the customers\\$quot; expectations with ultra high purity and reliability at competitive prices.

The company has reinforced its partnership with STMicroelectronics by signing three new Jumbo supply agreements for the STMicroelectronics sites at Crolles (near Grenoble, France), Rousset (near Marseille, France) and Ang Mo Kio (Singapore, to start November 2006).

According to Air Liquide, these recent Jumbo successes have joined more than 10 other supply agreements with key customers worldwide, including major flat panel (TFT LCD) display manufacturers in Taiwan and key semiconductor players in China and USA, which makes the Jumbo the leading bulk specialty gas offer for the electronics industry.

Christophe Fontaine, vice president of Air Liquide Electronics, said: "Jumbo is a new step in our global partnership. STMicroelectronics is a world class player in the semiconductor sector. Since 1987, STMicroelectronics has become a strategic technological partner. Our strong mutual commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility also leads us to work together on multiple corporate programmes such as technology, quality, environment, and reliability. Globally, more than two hundred Air Liquide employees are dedicated to STMicroelectronics on 16 sites in seven countries, including France, Italy, USA and Singapore."

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