China’s huge industrial growth has opened the door for Calgaz to unveil an office in the People's Republic, with the Air Liquide subsidiary set to supply calibration gases to its global customers from the North Pacific country.

In order to maintain the same high level of customer service, logistcis and quality already provided in the US, the new sales and distribuon office will be run by Ms. Wei Wei Jiang, relocated to Shanghai from North America.

The Shanghai office will also respond to customer expectations that Calgaz demonstrates a commitment to this 'new' geographic market. With the distribution centre located at Shanghai WaiGaoQiao FTZ, the company is able to deliver to 100 main cities and areas inside China.

The set-up of Calgaz China is not the only geographic development for the Air Liquide subsidiary in recent times, as the Calgaz UK team has also relocated to a new office location in Stockport.

Calgaz is the recognised global leader for calibration gas mixtures and related equipment and explaining the UK teams relocation, a company statement read, “The Calgaz UK team has relocated to a new office location in Stockport in the United Kingdom, enabling us to offer an improved level of service to our customers.$quot;

$quot;The Calgaz office in the UK has been supporting our customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa for over 10 years and the local regional support has helped support the growth of the Industrial Hygiene markets internationally.$quot;