Following the signing of a long-term contract in 2004, Air Liquide has installed a new air separation unit to Röhm\\$quot;s facility in Germany.

The new unit with a production capacity of 320 tonnes per day of oxygen was commissioned in order to fulfil the growing demand for oxygen caused by the increased demand in sulphuric acids.

Röhm Gmbh, a Degussa AG company, produces methacrylic acid products at its Worms site in Germany. Due to the increasing growth in such methacrylic acid products the demand for sulphuric acid has increased.

For environmental reasons, sulphuric acid is concentrated for reuse in the production process. In order to improve the recycling process, Air Liquide developed, in accordance with the customer, the patented COAB (Cold Oxygen Acid Burning) process. This process burns sulphuric acid at high temperature using oxygen instead of air and was chosen instead of building a new recycling plant.

Klaus Schmieder, senior executive vice president of Air Liquide, said: "This growing partnership with Degussa demonstrates our ability to improve our customers\\$quot; processes to help them to increase their competitiveness. It is also illustrates the capacity of the group to benefit from the synergies arising from the acquired activities of Messer Griesheim."