Air Liquide Canada is to supply hydrogen fuel and refuelling facilities to Canada's Hydrogen on the Hill project.

A hydrogen refuelling station will be supplied by the company to support three hydrogen-powered shuttle buses operating on Parliament Hill as part of the Senate of Canada's shuttle fleet.

The project, initiated by the Canadian government and industry partners, is designed to test the hydrogen internal combustion engine-powered buses in real life conditions.

Air Liquide's fuelling station will be co-funded by the Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance.

This is the first time in Canada that Ford buses equipped with hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2ICEs) will operate in everyday service.

Dave LeBlanc, Air Liquide Canada's vice president of process industries, said, $quot;Air Liquide is committed to the establishment of the Canadian hydrogen energy infrastructure. We are working closely with our partners in the private and public sectors to move hydrogen energy technologies from the drawing board to the real world.$quot;