Air Liquide is standing ready to support the critical efforts of the healthcare industry and US Government in combating the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in the US.

The company has increased production and inventory of essential medical gases, like oxygen, and is actively managing its gas assets and safety hardgoods inventory to prioritise the needs of the US healthcare system and government.

Present in more than 80 countries globally, Air Liquide said it is fully mobilised to respond to the increasing need for medical oxygen and continue to service other essential businesses to bring stability to the supply chain.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Air Liquide in the US has activated business continuity plans to maximise efficiency and maintain its activities, while increasing its medical gas production capabilities to meet the current demand.

Air Liquide has been proactively communicating with medical customers, specifically hospitals, through its region-based specialists to appropriately manage the supply of the most critically needed medical gases, such as oxygen.

In addition to maintaining the highest inventory levels at customers’ onsite liquid medical oxygen storage units and within the fill plants of Airgas, an Air Liquide company, Air Liquide is also working to shift excess cylinder assets to areas with the greatest anticipated need and is preparing portable assets to serve the eventual oxygen needs of mobile treatment centres.

Air Liquide CEO “confident” in company’s ability to “face and overcome” coronavirus

Air Liquide continues to serve as a vital partner to communities and is working in partnership with local government officials to ensure an uninterrupted source of assets during this critical time.

As healthcare demands increase, Air Liquide reinforces its focus on safely fulfilling the industrial gas needs of its customers in key support industries, including refining, energy, food service and pharmaceuticals.

Michael Graff, Chairman & CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings and Air Liquide Group Executive Vice-President, said, “Air Liquide is honoured to play a vital role in serving our healthcare system and its essential workers during this unprecedented health crisis through the reliable and safe delivery of critically important medical gases, like oxygen, and safety materials.”

“As we navigate through these unprecedented times, Air Liquide remains committed to serve the critical needs of customers in healthcare, food, pharmaceuticals, energy and refining with excellence, so that these vital industries and services continue to operate for the good of our communities and for the resilient and sustainable growth of our economy.”