Air Liquide Healthcare has thrown its support behind a prize which rewards the work of a young researcher under 40 involved in research aimed at improving knowledge of diabetes.

This year’s winner of IDF Europe (International Diabetes Federation European Region)’s Young Research Prize was Professor Martin Heni from the Tübingen University. He was recognised for his research on the effect of the hormone insulin in the human brain.

As part of its home healthcare business, Air Liquide Healthcare takes care of numerous diabetic patients in Europe to help them improve their lives with the disease.

The Tier One company formed a partnership with IDF Europe back in July. Air Liquide said it will support the company in its advocacy and awareness-raising activities targeting people affected by this chronic illness, the society and policymakers in Europe. Air Liquide also aims to advance diabetes research.


Source: Air Liquide

Muriel Doucet, Vice-President of Communication and Public Affairs at Air Liquide Healthcare, said, “Research always requires new talents and it is what the Young Researcher Prize seeks to acknowledge.”

“The major contribution of Professor Heni to apprehend the effect of insulin on the brain is of importance to understand long term consequences of diabetes (in particular cognitive decline) and the development of multi-morbidities.”

“This prize is also a special one to us because it comes from a jury of researchers but also from patients. We are proud to support this initiative illustrating Air Liquide Healthcare commitment to patients suffering from diabetes.”

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