Air Liquide supports high-tech and clean-energy projects in Japan.

With Japan eager to develop technologies in fields such as material science, biomedical research and clean-energy, demand on companies is growing.
Air Liquide was recently selected to support three technology-projects. The company will supply helium liquefiers to two prominent universities in Japan for their research objectives.
In Kyoto University, the helium will be used in the ‘Low Temperature and Material Science Laboratory’ to provide cold power to scientific experiments ranging from material science to nuclear magnetic resonance.

Meanwhile, Iwate University, located in Morioka City, will use the helium mainly for material and biomedical research.

Jean-Marc de Royere, Senior Vice-President of Asia-Pacific, a member of the Executive Committee, stated, “We are keen to develop such high-tech and clean-energy projects with Japanese partners in industry and academia. We recognise the outstanding capabilities of Japan in Research and new technologies. High-Tech is one of the five growth drivers of Air Liquide and Japan plays a central role in this strategy.”

Air Liquide will also supply a 350 bar hydrogen filling station to power a fuel cell vehicle as part of a project carried out by the regional government of Saga to demonstrate the feasibility of a complete ‘green hydrogen’ chain. It seeks to investigate a range of issues; from wood chips to clean mobility.