Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP has just announced a purchase agreement with Kodiak Carbonic, LLC (Kodiak), a producer of beverage grade liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2).

The deal will see Air Liquide purchase all carbon dioxide produced by Kodiak at its new 200 ton per day (tpd) carbon dioxide liquefaction facility in Boardman, Oregon.

The Kodiak plant is expected to begin commercial production next year (2015).

The agreement enables Air Liquide to increase its supply of LCO2 to customers in the Pacific Northwest region, including Washington, Oregon and Idaho – further strengthening its position as a leader in the food and beverage industry on the US West Coast.

Robust network

Air Liquide currently owns and operates carbon dioxide liquefaction facilities in Wilmington and Martinez, California, and is building a third facility in Pixley, California, which is scheduled to begin commercial production in first quarter 2015.

Together, the facilities in Pixley and Boardman will enable Air Liquide to double its supply of LCO2 to its West Coast customers.

“A robust, multi-source network with flexibility of supply is critical. Adding two production facilities to our liquid carbon dioxide supply network on the West Coast will help ensure efficiency and reliability for our customers,” said Chip Stoicovy, Vice-President, Carbon Dioxide.

“We are excited to support growth in the US food and beverage market, supplying solutions that meet the industry’s highest standards for food safety.”

Air Liquide owns and operates carbon dioxide liquefaction facilities throughout the US, and all have achieved the internationally recognised Food Safety System Certification 22000.