Air Liquide has announced it is to invest €10m in Australia, in the form of a carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery unit.
The Australian market in industrial applications for CO2 represents 200,000 tons per year.
Primary applications include fire fighting, wine making, carbonation of soft drinks, food preservation and freezing, cold chain preservation and water treatment.

Driven by food industries and water treatment, the market has been growing steadily by 4% annually.

As a result of this continuous growth, Air Liquide, the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, will invest in a CO2 recovery unit in the country.

The unit - due to be commissioned in 2010 - will reuse up to 69,000 tons of CO2 from the BassGas natural gas plant.

The CO2 recovered will be purified, liquefied and recycled for commercial use, instead of being directly released into the atmosphere.

The unit will be based in the Gippsland region of Victoria, near the township of Lang Lang, approximately 100km south east of Melbourne.

Jean-Pierre Duprieu, Senior Vice-President in charge of Asia-Pacific and a member of the group’s Executive Committee said, “This new unit in Southern Australia will enable us to meet the growing needs of our customers, particularly in the environment, food, wine and beverage markets.”

He added, “This investment is in line with the group’s programme of targeted investments in growing markets.”