Air Liquide China today (4th Feb) said it will build, own and operate new high-purity nitrogen production facilities in Miangyang City with a total capacity of 75,000Nm3/h to supply IoT firm BOE.

The new production facility, expected to be operational in 2021, will supply BOE’s production of AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays, a technology that is increasingly used in high-end smartphones.

It will also provide volumes of oxygen, hydrogen, argon and carbon dioxide to BOE fabs in Chongqing and Mianyang.

Leveraging Air Liquide’s most advanced technologies, and in line with its Climate Objectives, the new power-efficient nitrogen production facilities are expected to have a reduced power consumption by 10% compared to previous units, which is equivalent to avoiding CO2 emissions of over 8,000 tons per year.

Since the beginning of its partnership with BOE in 2004, Air Liquide said it has continued to build on this relationship, with the construction of carrier gas plants on 10 sites across China to support the gas and services requirements of BOE.

Francois Abrial, member of the Air Liquide Group’s Executive Committee supervising Asia-Pacific, said, “Air Liquide is pleased to strengthen its over 15-year long partnership with BOE, which testifies of our ability to provide unique technical expertise as well as safe and reliable service to our clients over the long term.”

“Air Liquide is a provider of innovative solutions for the growing electronics industry, particularly in the context of world deployment of 5G networks.”

“Thanks to these new production capacities, the Group will not only support a strategic customer, but will also contribute to the development of an industry which is well established in the southwest of China.”