Air Liquide Advanced Technologies is to provide five, 700-bar portable fast-fill hydrogen fuelling systems to US General Motors.

The five systems are scheduled to be fully operational by the end of the year, following their design by Air Liquide's Advanced Technologies teams and manufacture in North America. General Motors has also reserved the right to place an order for two more systems.

$quot;This agreement with General Motors is one of the ways in which Air Liquide is contributing to advance the use of hydrogen as a source for energy and as an alternative solution to fuel the cars of the future,$quot; commented Pierre Dufour, executive vice-president of Air Liquide Group, and president and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings.

Air Liquide is committed to facilitating the instalment of hydrogen energy infrastructure, and is working on the development of all aspects of the procedure, including the production of hydrogen and the making of fuel cells.

The firm is also working with General Motors in Canada in relation to the installation of a fuelling system at GM's Kapuskasing, Ontario-based cold weather testing site for hydrogen vehicles.