Air Liquide is to supply oxygen to banana plantations in the Canary Islands.

The group has signed a supply contract with the Balten Corporation which supplies irrigation water on the island of Tenerife. A complete installation has been developed that allows for the injection of high-pressure oxygen into a water pipeline that runs 65km to irrigate banana tree plantations in the south of the island.

The company has also signed an extension of 15 years to supply hydrogen to the chemical group Cognis Deutschland in Germany. From 2006, the quantity of hydrogen delivered by pipeline to the customer's site of Düsseldorf-Holthausen will double.

The oxygen content that is automatically regulated inhibits the formation of sulphides in the water and encourages organic purification, allowing more economical use of the precious natural resource.

The Director General of Air Liquide Spain, Etienne Hubert said, \\$quot;Air Liquide’s technical expertise enabled us to come up with an innovative solution. Developing a full-cycle process to achieve good water quality in a region where it is a precious commodity is thoroughly consistent with our Group’s sustainable development endeavours\\$quot;.

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