Celebrating its 100th anniversary, a large-scale public exhibition has been organised by the French Aeronautics and Space Industry Group (GIFAS), during which Air Liquide will proudly be involved in and exhibiting.

The event will temporarily takeover the Champs Élysées in Paris and Air Liquide, a GIFAS member, has announced that it will be involved and exhibiting the OBOGS - a system dedicated to the aeronautics industry that enables oxygen to be produced directly in planes.

This vital system enables pilots to breathe in complete safety at high altitude.

Air Liquide meets the specific needs of such cutting-edge industries by innovating and constantly pushing back technological frontiers. A partner for almost 50 years in the space adventure, the group builds tanks for the ARIANE V launcher and fills them with hydrogen, oxygen and helium on the Kourou site in French Guiana.

The French industrial gases major also puts its expertise to work through the application of cryogenics, by taking part in many scientific programmes like the international space station (ISS) and satellites Planck and Herschel (soon to be launched) to explore the limits of the universe.