Following the acquisition of Airgas and the launch of the NEOS Company Program for the period 2016-2020, Air Liquide believes is time to change its visual identity with a new logo.

This will be the fifth logo change since the company was founded 115 years ago.

With the acquisition of Airgas, Air Liquide has grown in size. Today, the Group counts 68,000 people and serves more than three million customers and patients worldwide. By strengthening its presence in the United States, the world’s largest industrial gases market and also a country at the cutting edge of innovation and digital technologies, Air Liquide is entering a new phase in its development and growth.

With its NEOS Company Program, Air Liquide is implementing a customer centric transformation strategy to deliver profitable growth over the long term. This strategy is designed to offer new solutions for the challenges posed by the energy and environmental transition, healthcare, and the digital transformation.

Air Liquide believes that this change in visual identity illustrates the Group’s transformation and marks a new milestone in its history.

While maintaining the brand fundamentals – name, color code and construction of the logo – the AL monogram is being replaced by a new brand sign, the ‘Alpha’, which stands for the beginning of a new phase. The precision of the Alpha echoes the Group’s expertise, its scientific culture and its technological and innovative capabilities. The roundness of the sign and the lower case typeface convey the Group’s proximity to its stakeholders and contribution to major societal challenges. Last but not least, the elimination of the frame around the logo suggests the Group’s openness, whether this be in its way of innovating or its ongoing dialogue with communities.

Air Liquide believes that this new visual identity is the logical extension of the Group’s ‘Creative Oxygen’ signature launched in 2014. Expertise is expressed in the mastery of ‘oxygen’, the molecule essential to life, matter and energy, while proximity and openness are conveyed in the ‘creativity’ of teams.

Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide, commented, “This new visual identity is a strong illustration of the transformation of Air Liquide. It marks the beginning of a new phase in the Group’s history at a time when its size is changing significantly. Thanks to committed and passionate teams, the trust of our customers, and the loyalty of our shareholders, we are confident in the Group’s ability to pursue its development and create long-term value for all its stakeholders.”

To accompany this new visual identity, Air Liquide is launching a multi-channel communication campaign #AirLiquideistransforming with a focus on digital and social media.

Plant truck new logo

The new Air Liquide logo