Air Liquide’s first hydrogen (H2) station installed in California, in the city of Anaheim, has just achieved its 1,000th H2 fuel cell vehicle fill-up after just 100 days in operation.

Opened to the public since December 2016, this station has already enabled H2-powered vehicles to cover 250,000 km, avoiding about 56 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions.

This new station, installed and operated by Air Liquide, is part of a State of California programme designed to support the deployment and use of H2 vehicles, with about 50 H2 stations planned in California by the end of 2017.

The Anaheim station, like all the stations designed and installed by Air Liquide, is able to recharge H2-powered electric vehicles in less than five minutes for a driving range of around 500 km. Used in a fuel cell, the H2 combines with the oxygen (O2) in the air to produce electricity without generating any by-product other than water and offering an extended range capacity.

Air Liquide masters the entire H2 supply chain, from production to storage and from distribution to the development of applications for end users, contributing to the widespread use of H2 as a clean energy.

To date, 75 H2 stations have already been designed and installed by Air Liquide worldwide.